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In our hotel we know that high-quality and substantial breakfast is very important for you. Our breakfast is therefore served in form of a buffet. Breakfast is served from 7:00 till 10:00 (If not agreed otherwise). If you don’t want to get up, we can prepare and serve breakfast directly in your room. Please contact our receptionist to discuss the time for your private breakfast.

  • Fresh pastry – rolls, baguettes, bread, toast bread, wholemeal products.

  • Several types of cheese and ham. Vegetable, fruit and desserts.
  • Hot buffet: sausages, fried eggs, bacon, toasts, pancakes, boiled eggs, meatloaf etc. and other meals served to order.

  • Packed food: jams, honey, butter, pâté, cream cheese, Nutella, etc.

  • Hot drinks: Espresso Piccolo, Espresso Lungo, Cappuccino, Moccaccino, Café Latté, hot chocolate, several types of tee, cocoa, Caro, milk and juice.

  • Cereals, white and fruit yoghurts, müsli, cookies, etc.

  • Price for breakfast 99 CZK / person
  • Breakfast brought to your room 129 CZK / person

Fénix Marlenka Café Bar - samooblužná kavárna, kterou si zamilujete...

In the area of the reception room/lobby bar you can find a self-service cafe bar with a selection of different hot beverages.

All hot drinks are for our guests for free, if you have breakfast at our hotel. Otherwise each hot drink is for 20 CZKRistrettolo – delicious strong coffee.

  • Espresso Lungo – traditional flavored espresso
  • Cappuccino – traditional cappuccino with a creamy froth
  • Mochachino – coffee with milk and chocolate
  • Café Latté – Latté with a rich froth
  • Hot chocolate – creamy chocolate
  • Tea – classic, fruit or green – great selection of flavors

  • Classic honey cake MARLENKA
  • Honey cake MARLENKA with cacao
  • Rakvička with whipped cream
  • Trubička with whipped cream
  • Hořické trubičky

  • Desserts available from 15 CZK / pc

Cheese board

Not everybody likes fruit. We therefore offer also other types of food. Cheese board is ideal for people who drink wine, want to celebrate or spend some time with their friends. We will prepare it for you with bread before your arrival or during your stay.

  • Cheese board for 299 CZK

Salami board

Do you hunger for piece of meat? You don’t have to find a butcher’s shop. We will prepare for you salami and ham board with bread before your arrival or during your stay.

  • Salami board for 299 CZK

Kitchen area

On the ground floor of our hotel you can find a state-of-the-art kitchen area, where you can prepare your food. You can also take all dishes to your room. Please do not wash used dishes. Just put them on the trays situated in the kitchen area.

  • Our kitchen is equipped with
  • plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses of all kinds, cups and mugs
  • dishes for babies, tea pots etc.
  • Mikrowave oven with grill
  • fridge with a freezer
  • coffe maker

Fénix Maxi-bar

For your maximal convenience we offer you a unique self-service system. All day you can use the services of our bar and buy drinks or tickets for public transports for very pleasant prices. You take whatever you want and mark it in your room card. You will pay at your departure. It is that simple

Food Delivery

Are you tired? You would like to eat in the privacy of your room? Or are you just lazy today, but hungry?

For those guests, who do not want to eat in restaurants, we offer the possibility to have food delivered. At the reception desk or in your room you can find Farypizza’s menu. You can order your food by yourself or ask at the reception, we will be glad to help you. THE DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE AND 24/7!

Buffet & Catering - Teambuilding

If you book the entire hotel, we can prepare buffet and snacks according to your wishes. If you book the entire building, the lobby bar can be used as a meeting place for various celebrations, teambulding etc. We have flipchart, LCD TV and DVD player available.

Possible dieshes on the buffet

  • sandwiches
  • meat and cheese rolls
  • cold meats
  • cheese and meat plates, schnitzel
  • sauces
  • chocolate fountain
  • fruit basket
  • fresh pastry
  • desserts

Restaurant Domov

This high-quality and stylish restaurants belongs to the best restaurants in Liberec. It is suitable not only for celebrations but also for casual dining. It is divided into a smoker and a non-smoker section. Special offer of meals of the day is updated daily (incl. weekends) starting at 100 CZK. Opened: Mon – Sat from 11am till 11pm, Sun from 11am till 5pm.
Menu Hospoda Domov

  • Restaurant can seat up to 80 people and is air-conditioned.
  • Free WiFi - WiFi ZONE.
  • Lounge for up to 30 people
  • Garden patio with grill.
  • Open daily from 11 till 23-24.
  • Czech and international cuisine, some dishes are prepared in front of your eyes.
  • All meals can be prepared as take-aways.
  • Live music three times a week (We, Fr, Sa)
  • Handicapped facilities.
  • Playing area for children.

Restaurant Čerti na Ještědu

Unique restaurant with focus on local beers and delicious meat dishes. Restaurant with pleasant seating and Czech cuisine offers food from the oven and grill. It is a characteristic pub that can seat up to 45 guests . Beer is draught from eight taps, eg. Svijany, Rohozec Lager, Pilsner Urquell and other types, and also special beers like wheat beer or raspberry beer.

Menu Čerti na Ještědu

  • Restaurant seats 45 guests.
  • Nice bar with a broad offer of drinks.
  • Opened daily from 11:00 till 23:00.
  • Patio available in summer.

Restaurant Petra

Is a non-smoking restaurant with a little garden and children’s area. You will find not only typical Czech cuisine but also healthy meals.

  • Restaurant seats up to 50 people.
  • Free WiFi - WiFi ZONE.
  • Open daily from 11:00 till 23:00.
  • Private lounge available.

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