Maybe, you will try all 12 types of luxury rooms. Or maybe, your premiere will turn into love at first sight - and you'll be going to "your" comfort forever. You won't find a speck of dust here, but you'll experience a family atmosphere, smiling staff and wonderful relaxation. Every time.

We don't offer just a luxury accommodation, but a comprehensive and luxurious experience. In our rooms you can expect a whirlpool, sauna, and a view of Liberec or the Jizera Mountains, but you'll also remember the self-service bar, private wellness, or unique breakfast. See you soon.

Luxury amenities, views + private spacious terrace = a royal experience.
The recipe for harmony? A private whirlpool, sauna, and your favourite music from the audio system.
Dreams really can come true. Even with children or in a smaller group.
Expand your horizonts and discover a new dimension of comfort for demanding travellers.
A popular choice for families with the option to add 2 cots.
Your comfort and wishes? Only the sky is the limit. A giant bed is possible.
Do you have a breath-taking view of the Jizera Mountains? Could I see it? Yes, I could. Even from the bathroom.
The original sloping floor projection promises an unusual experience for singles, couples, and parents with a child.
Taste what real comfort tastes like. Spacious + cosy = comfy. Try it.
It's better with two, but you can also relax in the massage bath by yourself.
The feeling when even the basic level is very high. Ideal for singles and couples without children.
When you come with your family and want your own entrance, terrace, garden, or Xbox for the kids.
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Wellness Hotel Fénix, Ještědská 279, Liberec 19, 46008, GPS 50°44'21.01"N 15°01'01.60"E E

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